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A Design Bridge afternoon tea party to Movember

Raising money and awareness for issues around men’s health, all accompanied by a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake – Jo Hawkes explains why you’ll spot lots of “Mo’s” in our Amsterdam Studio…

Movember 2015 team

With winter looming here in The Netherlands (we had the first snow this weekend!) the boys in the Studio are taking full advantage of having that extra layer of insulation on their faces in the form of a moustache. Of course it’s not just about a cosy upper lip; Movember is a time to recognise and help raise awareness of men’s health and, just like last year, we were keen to get involved again.

Movember 2015 pink cake

For anyone that hasn’t heard of Movember, it’s a brilliant organisation that started from humble beginnings in Australia. Over a beer one evening, two friends questioned the fashion of the moustache and, more specifically, the lack of it. Challenging 30 guys to bring it back on trend led them to discover the Mo’s ability to spark conversation. And they saw a bigger idea to be nurtured – to use the Mo to raise awareness of men’s health problems, such as prostate and testicular cancer. And so in 2004, the Movember Foundation was born. Since then, over $485 million has been raised from more than 5 million Mo Bros (and Sistas), funding 832 projects to help men all over the world.

Despite not being able to grow a Mo of our own, a few of us girls wanted to help support the guys taking part in the Studio, so we set about organising an afternoon tea party. Alongside our Mo Bro’s we mixed, baked and decorated an array of homemade treats; from chocolate cookies to a Mo-shaped Victoria sponge. All whilst sporting our own brightly coloured Mo’s, of course.

Movember 2015 baking

Movember 2015 Mo Cake

We sipped our traditional English Yorkshire and Earl Grey tea whilst sampling the delicacies and, within around 20 minutes, the plates were empty but our Monations jar (and our stomachs) were stuffed! It’s safe to say that our tea party was a great success, raising a lot of smiles and an impressive 350 euros (and counting). Add to that the boys Mo-growing donations and we’ve raised over 6oo euros so far!

Movember 2015 Monation jar

Movember 2015 cake cutting

If you would like to find out more about Movember or Men’s health awareness then visit And if you’d like to support the DB Amsterdam Mo Bros then you can do that on our team sponsorship page.

by Anna Stanford

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