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Cocktails go airborne!

Here at Design Bridge we work with a variety of interesting and innovative drinks brands. David Helps, our Group Director of Innovation, has made it his mission to seek out the latest drinks and drinking establishments around the world. It’s a tough job, but it looks like he’s found a new and spectacular one in his own back yard. Here’s David…

I was lucky to be in the very first handful of people to experience Alcoholic Architecture at its launch last night. As a result, I spent the next hour with my head in a cloud… an alcoholic cloud, courtesy of Bompass & Parr and their new bar in London’s Borough Market.

So why is this bar innovative? Well, they’ve created an inhalable cloud of cocktail! It’s difficult to describe, which is just as well because I promised Harry Parr not to ruin it for everyone else by blabbing about it, but it’s a truly amazing sensorial experience which has left me incredibly inspired and full of ideas – imagine if we could breathe chocolate; all of the taste, for a fraction of the calories!

What I can tell you is that the ‘traditional’ liquid cocktails I sampled from their menu were top notch and, due to the bar being on the site of an old Monastery, inspired by Monks and all of their amazing libations. ‘Friar Tucked’ was an amazingly toothsome combination of Benedictine, cognac, bitters and Absinthe – a few of these and… well, the name gives you a clue in true Cockney Rhyming style. ‘Monk-y Business’ was a lighter and refreshing alternative with rum, lime juice and sugar. Made with Old Monk Rum (from India, and one of my absolute favourites) it could be re-classified as a ‘Delhi Daiquiri’.

If you get the chance, I’d definitely recommend that you try it out for yourself. The expression “Fancy a snifter?” takes on a whole new meaning.

Image from Bompass & Parr on Instagram.


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