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Crafted Refreshment – a soda fountain for KFC

If you follow the sound of whirring machines, all the way down to the basement in our London Studio, you’ll find yourself in our Workshop. Here you’ll find the people that bring our ideas and designs to life in physical form. And we’re really quite excited about their latest creation – a unique craft soda fountain that’s currently being trialled in the heart of the Midlands at KFC Cannock.

Crafted Refreshment by KFC in-store

Having developed a range of premium drinks, KFC challenged us to create an original in-store fountain from which to dispense the drinks that would do them justice. We call it “Crafted Refreshment by KFC”, carefully designed to reflect the care and attention that has gone into the creation of the drinks themselves.

We’ve been tracking the progress of our team during the prototyping phase and building of the soda fountain in-store, and we thought we’d share a couple of photos from along the way…

KFC Soda Fountain prototype

KFC Soda Fountain Prototype 2

KFC Soda Fountain in progress


KFC Sparkling Apple

So if you find yourself in need of refreshment near Cannock in Staffordshire over the next few months, we can recommend the Cloudy Lemonade. Carefully crafted to be a perfectly refreshing accompaniment to the famous taste of Original Recipe chicken – it’s certainly our favourite.

Crafted Refreshment Cup


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