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Design Bridge Visits: Lumiere, London

Between 14th and 17th January, London was lit up by a series of light installations created by artists for Lumiere, a spectacular light festival taking place in different locations all over the city.

A few of us went to visit some of the installations (or stumbled across them on our journey home) so we thought we’d share a few photos and some thoughts on the festival…


Vicky: I didn’t know anything about Lumiere but happened to come across an installation at Oxford Circus last week – a cluster of fabric pieces hanging from the sky with different colour lights projected onto them. The colours changed gradually, set to some music. It was beautiful and very striking. It’s a busy, commercial area so it was nice to see something unexpected and artistic happening there.


I’ve since looked it up and it’s called “1.8 installation billows” by artist Janet Echelman, and is inspired by the seismic disaster that struck Japan in 2011. The shape was created using wave height data from when the tsunami rippled across the Pacific Ocean. The sky sculpture is made up of intricate diamond shapes and, at night, is illuminated with coloured projections which change by people walking by – the colour hue can be picked using a mobile phone. The concept is quite poignant so I found it interesting to discover the story behind it.

James: I went to see what was happening at Kings Cross on Thursday evening and found people using “magic wands” to draw images on the floor from a projector. There were also installations that reacted to the amount of mobile phone usage around it here – it was amazing to see the interactivity between the crowds and the installations.



Fahud: It was incredible to see the streets of London illuminating with so much creativity and colour! Even better was seeing how many people were out, enjoying the evening and interacting. There were some incredible projection mapping pieces on display which demonstrated how powerful motion graphics can use the architecture of London as a creative canvas.


Thanks to Cristina, Fahud, James and Vicky for the photographs.

by Anna Stanford

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