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Friday Favourites

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that catch our attention and make us smile. Like these beautifully simple one line drawings of animals:




See more on Fubiz. Simple as that.

Tales of handcrafting

You’ve probably heard us talk about craft before, and we we often seek out specialist craftspeople to collaborate with us on our work. This week Jade came across a story about Thierry Nectoux, a maker of stunning hand-crafted tin countertops – the type you might associate with the finest French bars and bistros. We were fascinated as we read about the process that he and his team go through…



Read all about if for yourself here.

On a similar note, iGNANT has an interesting interview with Hélène Dubrule of Hermès, who talks about the heritage of the brand and the craftsmanship that goes into making each piece of silverware in the collection. Read it here.




Creativity with paper

Our favourite Instagram find this week is @lucy_mail. We’d be incredibly happy if we received our morning mail in one of her bold, colourful envelope designs:





Also on the the theme of envelopes this week (who knew they were so popular?) are these ballpoint pen illustrations by Mark Powell, who uses vintage envelopes as his canvas:


We found these on Colossal, where you’ll also find some of his work drawn onto vintage maps. The main image at the top of this blog post is also by Mark Powell.

A century of style

Dedicated follower of fashion and in London in the next few months? We’d highly recommend that you check out Vogue 100: A Century of Style at the National Portrait gallery – a beautifully curated and presented exhibition celebrating 100 years of the world’s most iconic style magazine. You can find out more on the exhibition website and we’ve added the trailer below:

Speaking of Vogue, this week we discovered the Prêt-a-Porter photography series by Arnaud Deroudilhe – a selection of vintage Vogue covers that have been cut up and given new backdrops:




See more on Fubiz.

Woof, 纬, vuf!

To end this week’s Friday Favourites we’ve got a treat for our canine friends with Dog Milk, a website dedicated to “the modern dog” (from the same people behind Design Milk, one of our favourite websites). Birgitte (human to DB London’s Freelance Dog, Loki) was particularly fond of these illustrations of dogs from around the world – enjoy!






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