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“I wish I’d written” Part Two, by the Design Bridge Strategy Team

From a beautifully crafted book to an insightful article on design thinking, in this week’s instalment of “I wish I’d written” four more people from our Strategy team tell us about the things they wish they’d written.

Tree of Codes

Tree of Codes open

I wish I’d written Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer because… It’s a beautiful and sculptural book, challenging how we read a story by placing greater importance on the way words are presented. Jonathan Safran Foer took his favourite book – The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz – and cut it to ribbons to craft a new story composed from the words already there. Cut out seven letters from Schulz’s title and you get The Tree of Codes…wish I’d thought of that. - Alice Merrick, Brand Strategist

I wish I’d written Innovation Always Starts With Empathy; Look at Zipcar and Even Apple by Sohrab Vossoughi on Fast Company Design because… As a creative agency our role within the research process can be one filled with tension between what our clients need and what we need. With consumers interests at the centre I believe this article proves that sometimes you have to think outside the box to get under the skin of your user. Especially when we are using the insight as a basis for creative exploration and innovation. Questionnaires and focus groups aren’t always the right approach. It is ever more important to start with empathy. - Rachel Forster, Market Analyst

A local's guide to East London

Image by Sian Butcher/BuzzFeed

I wish I’d written Here’s Everything East Londoners Want You To Know from BuzzFeed because… I’m an avid BuzzFeed reader and enjoyed this article on ‘a local’s guide to East London’. I love finding out about new restaurant openings and quirky places to head to, and this is a great little guide on recommendations from locals. – Nicola Oldfield, PA to Group Strategy Partner & Brand Strategy Director

I wish I’d written Opinion: Where can design thinking take us? by Sue Siddal (originally published in Contagious X) because… This short personal account articulates exactly how the application of Design Thinking and Creative Confidence has transformed the potential of how the design industry is seen and can be its most effective in the eyes of clients. I was inspired by why Design Thinking is the next competitive advantage in the book ‘The Design of Business’, the essence of which is captured in this article. Advocating comfort in ambiguity alongside a process with the capability to create disproportional impact because it’s driven by evolving human needs and serving people. – Jane Steel, Senior Innovation Strategist

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