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“I wish I’d written” – thoughts from the Design Bridge Strategy team

We’ve been delving into the minds of our Strategy team, asking them to select a piece of writing that they wished they’d written and to tell us why. From insightful strategic thought pieces to storytelling through song lyrics, and everything in between, this is the first part in our series, “I wish I’d written”.

First up are Jim W, Lisa W, Carrie G and Hugh R.

I wish I’d written Business and society in the coming decades by Kathleen McLaughlin and Doug McMillon, McKinsey & Company because… I’ve always felt the design world (within the business context, at least) has long been the underdog fighting the good fight – to “create value” instead of just “unlocking value.” – Jim Worlund, Junior Strategist

I wish I’d written “Ulay, Oh” by How I Became The Bomb because… It is simple and impactful. The lyricist used the most straightforward sentence structure and words to illustrate a great love – the magical serendipity and the eternal ache – creating a picture so vivid that it has stayed in my mind. This is the power of a genius storytelling. – Lisa Wong, Brand Strategist


I wish I’d written I like words from Letters of Note because… When I’m looking for words that inspire images, reading this is a great way to get started (not that I’m about to run off to be a Hollywood screenwriter). – Carrie Godsiff, Brand Strategist

I wish I’d written Five things I love about designers by Rob Self-Pierson on Design Week because… I am married to a designer and I am sure she would be happy to know that I love her! No, but seriously, the thing that keeps me loving my career is the company I keep. And designers make the best company. It is their passion and their talents that wake me up excited every morning! One day, designers will take over the world – thank gawd I am married to one! – Hugh Roberts, Brand Strategy Director

Like what you read? There will be another installment of “I wish I’d written” coming next week, so stay tuned for more.

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