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Johnnie Walker: What Design Can Do for Sensory Storytelling

How do you use design to capture the sensory story of Johnnie Walker Whisky? We are hosting a session at What Design Can Do  alongside acclaimed artist Arran Gregory to talk about how we celebrated the unique character and flavours of the famous whisky brand using light, movement and a unique, iconic sculpture.

Johnnie Walker WDCD Image 6

Arran will discuss his creative process, his love of craft and how he took on the challenge of capturing the sensorial concept of flavour in a predominantly visual medium, answering the question, “How do you evoke the spice and vibrance of Johnnie Walker Red Label and the smoky richness of Double Black, all the while staying true to the overall brand story?”.

You can watch our ‘Making Of’ film below to get an insight into Arran’s process ahead of the session.

Johnnie Walker WDCD Image 1a

Johnnie Walker WDCD Image 1

Arran will be joined by Claire Parker, Executive Creative Director of Design Bridge Amsterdam, who will discuss how conceptual fine art can elevate the commercial design process to a more exciting and memorable level – and how brands with the confidence to engage with young, up and coming artists will be rewarded with inventive and surprising work.

Johnnie Walker WDCD Image 4

The session will last 45 minutes and include a live audience Q&A. Questions will also be gathered through the our Facebook page before the event, so if you have something you’d like to ask Arran or Claire, you can submit it here.

What Design Can Do is an international platform about the power of design.  This year the event takes place May 21 and 22. Here’s the link to find out more about our Johnnie Walker Break Out Session.




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