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Part beer, part cult: Transforming YAU from a generic craft beer brand into a boldy unique hyper-local expression that embraces the playful absurdities of Hong Kong life.

The Pale

Inspired by the flamboyant, lavish parties of the 1920s, our branding for The Pale, a new rosé concept from renowned winemaker Sacha Lichine, features eclectic graphics and a bespoke bottle structure designed to connect with the contemporary wine drinker.

New Holland Brewing Co.

Reinvigorating a craft beer trailblazer: Inspired by its unique Midwestern-Dutch heritage, our cohesive new visual identity and packaging designs for New Holland Brewing Co. are reflective of its roots and connects with craft beer drinkers today.


Drawing on rich industrial heritage to reimagine its iconic knight, this new visual identity and packaging design restores local pride in Holsten, Hamburg’s most iconic beer.


A new symbol for female sexual power: in a category that predominantly targets men, our brand and packaging redesign for K-Y in the US champions equality in the bedroom.


Disrupting the femcare category and transforming Callaly from a product innovation to a customisable, direct-to-consumer subscription brand with Certified B Corporation status.  You can see more here.

Fortnum & Mason Chocolates

Dark, eclectic, twisted beauty has inspired our design for ‘A curious selection of caramels’ and ‘A wild selection of nutty pralines and velvety ganache’, a new range of Fortnum & Mason chocolates for those with an adventurous palette and rebellious spirit.