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Stories from Design Bridge: From Strategist to Teacher

It’s always sad to say goodbye, and this month we’re sadly saying goodbye to Dan Parkinson. Dan is a Brand Strategist who has been based in our London Studio for almost 6 years. But we can’t be too sad because Dan is about to embark on a completely new career… as a teacher!

Before Mr Parkinson takes his place in the classroom in front of a sea of small eager faces, we asked him to share a few words about his time at DB – what he’s leaving behind, and what he’s taking with him.

Over to you, Dan…

Thanks and goodbye!

After the best part of 6 years, I’m leaving Design Bridge – and the design industry.

I’ll be training as a primary school teacher in September and, although I’m looking forward to the new challenge, it has been bit of a wrench to leave.

But I’ll be excited to take a bit of DB with me when I go.

You see, one of the things that I’ve always enjoyed about working here (along with the enviable opportunity to work alongside some of the industry’s best and brightest) is the sheer, unshakeable, unswerve-able self-confidence that has always been a part of the Design Bridge way of doing things.

I’ve always been impressed by the refusal to let things lie, to toe the line. To say “that’s good enough”.

It has meant for some late nights and the odd tense time, but that inner drive to do better – the determination to never settle – has continually raised the bar, and has driven continued growth during my time at DB.

It has meant more revenue, more people, more studios – and more impact with bigger clients.

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And that sense of confidence, determination and self-control is so important, it seems – not just professionally, but personally. Because lots of recent research in education suggests that instilling grit and perseverance in children at a young age is a key component of their future success and happiness. Just believing that you can improve seems to count for an awful lot.


So when I’m working out how to help 6 and 7 year olds with literacy and numeracy, I’ll also be working out how to help them gain confidence and drive.

And if I can pass on just a fraction of that DB determination, I’ll be very proud indeed.

So thank you Design Bridge, and all of the great people that I’ve worked with over the years, for teaching me so many different ways to be determined and to push myself further.


Good luck Dan, we’ll miss you!

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by Anna Stanford

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