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What does “Craft” mean to you?

We’re always on the hunt for inspiration, so getting out and about, meeting new people, and experiencing new things are really important to us. We’re also passionate about craft – a word that can mean all sorts of things to different people. And this got us thinking.

Along with some of our clients from Diageo, we assembled a group to spend some time exploring “Craft” in London. The theme of the day was “Made Not Mac’d” (see what we did there?), and it included a workshop with local artisan letterpress print studio, New North Press.

Letterpress Workshop

We split our group into two teams and asked each person to come to the workshop with a word or short sentence to answer the question, “What does Craft mean to you?”

The brilliant team at New North Press gave us an introduction into the craft of letterpress before letting us loose on their huge type library. Each person selected and set their own type before joining the rest of their team to turn these interpretations of “craft” into something collaborative and tangible – a poster.

Emma in workshop


Letterpress in progress

The two teams worked together to build the poster design – finding the perfect flow of words, adding finishing touches, and trying out several different options for printing until everyone was in agreement that their team’s poster was ready for its (very limited and exclusive) print run.

Borders Hands

Typeset close up

Pleasure Pain Hand


Letterpress team 2

From having to make choices on typefaces – not just on what they look like, but also how they feel – to experimenting with different stock, colours and inks for the finished prints, it was truly inspiring to get this kind of hands-on experience. We all felt a sense of pride in creating something tangible – a real piece of art that we can keep and hang on the wall as a reminder. One of our clients summed it up perfectly, “It was a fantastic day. The team are still buzzing over the printmaking, and it was really good to spend time together.”

Letterpress Workshop Team 1 final

Letterpress Workshop Team 2 final

We want to say a huge “thank you” to New North Press for providing such an engaging experience – if you’re interested in type and letterpress then you should follow them on Instagram.

Now the only thing left to do is to get our final posters framed and up on the Studio wall, and then to decide on which one is best. Not that we’re competitive…


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