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What we’re listening to this week #10

Happy tenth edition of the WWLTTW playlist.

If you’re new to WWLTTW, let us explain. If you strolled around one of our studios, you’d hear all sorts of aural delights. Andy K collects the songs and sounds of Design Bridge each week and puts them into the WWLTTW playlist – this is our unofficial soundtrack.


Let’s dance.

Harry Belafonte  Shake Senora:


Keeping on that dark, gothic, nightmarish strand, here are Siouxsie Sioux and her Banshees being anything but dark, gothic and nightmarish. Siouxsie and The Banshees  O Baby:

Need more kohl and moodiness? Perhaps Marika Hackman, English vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who is “drawn to the darker, melancholic side of things folk-ish” can help. This bit of ‘brooding folk’ just builds and builds. Marika Hackman  Ophelia:

Pperhaps a bit of gothic R&B is more your cup of tea? We have just the thing. “Once A Tree are actually quite good”*, so that’s alright then, isn’t it? Once A Tree  Take Me:

Now, in the interest of supporting local music events, here’s a plug from DB London. Could be brilliant. Could be hell. We’re promising nothing; “This August, seven musicians-in-residence don their synthing caps for a stay-over at Ace London. They’ll wail all night long on the Moog Soundlab — Moog’s fully functional mobile analog synth unit — emerging from the din with a backpocketful of compositions, fierce and new, to be performed for you in the lobby”. More details here.

We mentioned Purple Rain a couple of editions ago and were swamped with requests for Prince content. No tracks available online due to the little purple man being understandably protective of his artistry (“Prince Has Music Removed From Streaming Services”), so here’s a cover version; Sinead O’Connor  Nothing Compares 2 You:

Or, if nothing but the real purple stack heels will do, try on one of his new ones for size; Prince3EG – HARDROCKLOVER:


Let’s celebrate Prince’s genius. Everybody thinks they’ve got a genius. This is the Followill brothers from when they still lived near the swamp, and when their neighbours might have called them ‘brooding folk’ with a backpocketfull of trouble; Kings Of Leon  Genius:

More genius, this time played by a bunch of session musicians who were ‘instrumental’ in the history of reggae. The music and the jokes are free, folks. Harry J All Stars The Liquidator:

It’s not often that we issue a health warning. This track “sounds ugly and wrong, like a low-bit rate file of a teenage doom metal band forced to play the Bee Gees at gunpoint. It’s over inside three minutes but it’ll take weeks to get the stink off”. N.B. WWLTTW is brought to you more than one sense: Slim Twig – Slippin’ Slidin’:

We might be too late to climb on this bandwagon, but here goes; “Spring King are the sort of that band that make you want to be in a band. Energetic, endearing, and full of passion, their latest offering ‘City’ is a further development of the band’s raucous, uplifting sound. Led by lead vocalist, and drummer, Tarek Musa, the Manchester four piece are very quickly evolving into one of the UK’s most exciting guitar bands.”** Spring King  City:

This is our tenth edition, so we’re bringing you eleven tunes – buy ten get one free. Bargain.

Time to go-go. It’s a poor quality version but it should keep you humming ‘til next week. Na na na na, yeah. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Going To A Go-Go:


Let’s dance.

*The Guardian


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