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What we’re listening to this week #11

Welcome to the latest instalment of the Design Bridge WWLTTW playlist. Put together each week by Andy K, WWLTTW takes you on sonic tour of the Design Bridge Studios. Here are the sounds that we’ve been inspired by this week…


Stay cool.

No, not that cool. That might be way too cool for this week’s list.

You’ll know by now that we like a good fight, so we’re kicking off with one; “It’s like our fight song”. A Scottish electronic band, living up to Glaswegian stereotyping, entering in a hurricane of clanging, robotic-like drums and pinging synths. You want some? Chvrches – Leave A Trace:

The papers are full of her upcoming album so we have to feature Lana del Rey. It might not actually be her but never mind, let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story. This is You Do Something To Me:

Fancy some music influenced heavily by R&B, swing, jump blues, country and western, blues, Hawaiian and rock ‘n’ roll? Look no further. Here are a family trio who perfectly showcase what WWLTTW is all about. “There’s a bit of rockabilly in there, but also funk, boogie-woogie, disco, jazz, blues. People always reference the 50s,” says Daisy, “but there’s no nostalgia there. If we’d been living in the past, we wouldn’t have heard a lot of the music that we like.” Kitty Daisy & Lewis – Going Up The Country:

I have no idea what got Chris and Nicky in the London Strategy Team singing this song the other day, but it carries on the sibling theme perfectly. OK, not so perfectly. Sister Sister Theme Songs:

As an antidote, we’d better cut straight to the Grim Reaper riding around an industrial park on a bicycle and then playing a guitar solo. Hope you don’t watch this too early in the day, slasher movies should probably have a watershed. Meat Wave – Sham King:

“washy”, “pingy”, “chunky”, “spongy”, “roomy”, “blatty” and “futzy”. There aren’t many great articles about the intricacies of creating sounds, but this one is well worth the read, focusing on award-winning movie noises and the effort that goes into making them just right. “It’s tough because most people aren’t articulate about sound…”

Don’t leave home without Haruki Murakami’s view of the UK Top 20 singles (July 26th) because that’s going to be handy in a battle of wits. Read it here.

Back to pure pop, and a tune that could easily be the soundtrack for a hundred different brands – perfect for travel and good times, and no horror references in sight. Unless, of course, you find jaunty Canadian popsters horror enough. Carly Rae Jepsen – Run Away With Me:

Our weekly 2-4-1 offer: “…former rootsy torch song crooner and member of the extended Mumford & Sons family Nathaniel Rateliff is a man reborn…repositions one of the past five years’ most underrated vocalists and songwriters as a kind of biker Otis Redding, all joyful R&B declarations and rough-hewn charm.” Let’s hear you clapping along for an encore written by Robbie Robertson about Richard Manuel, the singer of The Band: Nathaniel Rateliff and The Nightsweats – Son Of A Bitch / The Shape I’m In:

Which links beautifully with this gentle, heartfelt tribute about the deaths of Richard Manuel and Rick Danko (of The Band). “I felt like the best I could do was to explain my own attitude toward being a working and traveling musician.” Here is Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Danko/Manuel:

“Mac” DeMarco, born Vernor Winfield Macbriare Smith IV, is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose style has been described as blue wave, slacker rock or jizz jazz. Here’s a lovely mid-fi tune that is so much simpler than his name, and less cringe-worthy than his genre suggest: Mac DeMarco – I’ve Been Waiting For Her:

We need to finish what we started, so if you love a good fight then you’ll be happy as a fanboy with the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, take a listen to the wicked trailer soundtrack, Sidney Chase – I Started a Joke:

Then see just how well it works in the actual trailer:

Finally (this is a one-time only offer) compare it with those Gibb brothers (keep up – just trying to tie up the family theme we started earlier) doing their original version. We* think they are super-villains of the first order, but that’s just our opinion and only really applies to their falsetto/disco crimes. The Bee Gees – I Started a Joke:

It’s over for another week.

We’re too tired to fight.

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