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What we’re listening to this week #13

Unlucky for some, this week marks the thirteenth WWLTTW playlist, lovingly compiled by our in-house playlist curator, Andy. Ready to listen along with us?


Extended by popular demand!

This is just one of the rave reviews we’ve received for WWLTTW: “Loved this – a great few tracks to listen to as I worked down my email. I feel like a friend just made me a mix tape.” They even added a smiley face at the end.

And so, dear List(en)ers, this week’s list is made up solely from your suggestions.

This week’s lifehack: start a revolution. “1,000 musicians in Italy got together and played ‘Learn to Fly’ in unison to try and get Foo Fighters to come and play in their country. An audience (consumer?) driving their band (brand?) to work for them by trying to grab THEIR attention with activity, not the other way round. I like it. (And the drummers don’t miss a SINGLE beat!).” Thanks Laura, here it is:

Why start a revolution? Because sometimes all that effort pays off, “if you really want something, you have to ask”. Read more about it on The Guardian.

Now here’s a little something for Jane because she just likes this, okay? Probably self explanatory, but let’s fill in some gaps: Rae Morris, born and raised in Blackpool, Lancashire, started playing the piano when she was four years old, lives in Whitechapel, did a cover of ‘All You Need Is Love’. Job done. Rae Morris – Unguarded:

Betsy, in the Singapore Studio, gives us a mix that makes her and her colleagues happy, “it feels like freedom and happiness. Love and friendships…is it the panpipes? Not sure if that’s the kind of thing you wanted?” It’s not about what we want, Betsy, it’s what everyone wants. Here’s the lead track, Joe Purdy – Wash Away (Elkoe Remix):

…and if you want to know how that mix plays out, you can find it here.

Jian’an really gets the idea behind WWLTTW: “I’m just listening to this otherworldly uplifting piece. Just wanted to share!” Oh. If only everyone gave their suggestions as freely. Thanks Jian’an, here is John Butler Trio – Ocean:

Chris, shamed into sharing his musical tastes with us, has given us more than we can handle in one list, so here’s two doozies: “Long-standing fans will remember Tom Gabel, the acclaimed punk rock lead singer of Against Me!, a band that makes venue ceilings sweat and walls vibrate with angsty punk rock. Now she’s Laura Jane Grace after making the decision to transition to a woman.” Laura Jane Grace – Thrash Unreal (Acoustic):

“Miley Cyrus doesn’t just ride wrecking balls, she’s also the founder of the Happy Hippy Foundation, a nonprofit that works to empower LGBT and homeless youngsters – so you can’t deny this live collaboration is a perfect contrast that sends an important message.” Laura Jane Grace & Miley Cyrus – True Trans Soul Rebel:

Anna mentions the BBC Proms. And in honour of that hallowed institution, here’s the strangely beautiful A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Atmos VI:

Jade sends greetings from Amsterdam; “A few of us have watched Pixar’s Inside Out and LOVED the short movie that came before called Lava. It’s not online yet, but the song is and we cannot get it out of our heads :D”Kuana Torres Kahele, Napua Greig & James Ford Murphy – Lava:

Ivan is also in Amsterdam and tells us, “my taste is very eclectic… here is what I’m listening to today: African beats from Nigeria, Ghana and Congo…that’s the mood”. All of them are so, so catchy so we promise to bring you more in future lists. This one looks like an exotic soap opera – a bit like an Eastenders special. Yemi Alade – Johnny:

Finally, Dan gives us something that is NSFW (trust us, it really isn’t safe for work, so be very careful when watching). In Dan’s words, “watch with trepidation, but listen with glee” for a giant dollop of dirty sleaze. Dan probably thought that it was OK to do this because he’s no longer in the London Studio. Fat White Family – Touch The Leather:

Please note: We don’t do requests for your sick aunt, or big shout outs to the ‘Clerkenwell Posse’. But we’ll do our best to keep the diversity coming.


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