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What we’re listening to this week #15

This week’s Studio soundtrack contains music to inspire, music that might confuse, and music to sing along to. Andy K (our WWLTTW curator) describes it as a bit like a mad busker chasing you through the tunnels of the London Underground. Intrigued? Put your headphones on, turn the volume up, and listen along with us…


Sing hallelujah. Here’s something that “makes you yearn to believe, if only so you can shake your troubles for a few sweet minutes.” We can only pray that you are as uplifted as we are. Roadside Graves – Gospel Radio:

Soundtracks for adverts should capture your imagination, maybe even make you run out and buy the product. This one might confuse the hell out of you; take the most mad performance and exciting song, the ultimate in the dark arts, and then stick needles in it with a boring car. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You:

Robney told us way, way back when we started WWLTTW that he enjoys listening to Billy Bragg. We haven’t forgotten you Robney, and this might even be the perfect song for you; Billy Bragg – Handyman Blues:

Robney gets two slices of the pie this week, just because that Bragg video is so wonderful. For some people it’s ‘Gray by name, grey by nature’, but even if ‘Babylon’ reminds you of your parents, David Gray has written some beautiful, bittersweet songs. Here’s one for you to sing on a windy hilltop with your arms outstretched and a convenient folk combo sitting in the hedgerow nearby, ready to accompany you. This is David Gray – Breathe:

“Be careful when you open up ‘Happy Damage’: the Miami garage-rock trio have concocted the kind of catchy-as-hell earworm anthem that will have you resorting to trepanning to have it surgically removed by witch doctors. It’s a blast.” Like the lady says; “Rock and Roll, yeah!”. Jacuzzi Boys – Happy Damage:

Perhaps one occult reference too many. Big hair, too much make-up, saxophone solos, someone beating the hell out of a piano, death at the hands of the police. It’s as if all the rock and roll tropes were pulled out of the box at the same time. “Well, it can’t much matter to you”. Roy Wood / Wizzard – Ball Park Incident:

Chris suggests this singalong: “Stop fearing people before you meet them” – Cobra Skulls sing simple and clear lyrics that stick with you, not just for the message, but for the rhythms that carry them home. Take it home, boys. Here’s Cobra Skulls – Streets of Cairo (Cobracoustic):

Cheryl Cole? Check. Ellie Goulding? Check. Explosive energy from start to finish? Ooh, that too. It’s been kicking around for a few months, but is having a bit of a Summer revival at the moment. Four Tet – Back 2 The Start:

More Black Arts? Certainly more retro stuff, courtesy of the late Cilla Black. Not everyone’s cup of tea, even if she was the Queen of Saturday Night and the saviour of British light entertainment television. Wipe away those tears, luv, this one’s not that bad. Cilla Black – Faded Images:

The project of Cape Town producer Yannick Iluga, self-dubbed ‘noirwave’ is an attempt to offer a new African aesthetic, “seeing the positive in dark times.” Great stuff and somehow reminiscent of epic Eighties anthems. Petite Noir – Best:

And finally, we have an announcement.

“I do have one announcement”.

Partridge Family – I Think I Love You:


Image by Orin Zebest, found on Flickr.


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