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What we’re listening to this week #20

A wise man once said, “I just want to hear something I haven’t heard before” (more on this man later), and we hope that our weekly WWLTTW playlist gives our readers the chance to hear something that they’ve never heard before. Here is Andy with this week’s Design Bridge playlist…


This edition is a ragtag of thoughts and tunes, because that’s what music is, isn’t it?

Last time round we went form city to city, but we might not have stopped off long enough for some of you to enjoy the pleasures of the town. “A fortune won and lost on every deal. All you need is money and nerves of steel”. Bruce Springsteen – Viva Las Vegas:

After all that excitement you may have the blues. Enjoy (or be miserable) on a “ride through the Deep South back to Texas; the timeless sound rolling with the heat waves off an asphalt highway, and quenching the thirst of a steamy summer evening”. This is Amanda Pearcy – Every Now and Then:

Not sure how we let this one slip through our fingers – the Amazon review is heady and enthusiastic; “harsh, but exhilarating” and “a thousand-watt hook with a thick crackle and a battering-ram drum line. It’s so arresting that you barely notice it doesn’t have a chorus”. We’re sure that you’ll find a way to sing along to Viet Cong – Continental Shelf:

Could that be some Stooges or some other garage punks? According to Sacred Bones Records; “The band formed in 2014 out of their shared affinity for ’77 punk and a mutual respect for Mercer Arts-era NYC early glam and West Coast country punk. They were all friends playing the underground punk circuit, each with the desire to form a band outside of their own genre niches.” Here is Cheena – Did I Tell You Last Night?:

It takes a brave or foolish person to take on what has been so well defined by This Mortal Coil. To take a song and give a completely new feel without pastiching any of the previous versions brings fresh life to it. Amen Dunes – Song To The Siren:

All three proposed by our friend Matt. Love you, Matt.

It takes a brave or foolish person to take on what has been so well defined. No, we’re not on repeat, here’s a ‘classic’ (come on, who could forget Nena?) totally reinterpreted. Thanks to David Helps who is joining us for some balloon-folding lessons to brighten up our act:

Here’s an article on the man who shaped much of the way we think about music today, and a legend that has influenced more than just middle-aged men. Easy for those men to get all wistful and claim to have heard every seminal broadcast over thirty five years. If we can introduce a tenth of the diversity of Mr Peel, then we’re doing a damn fine job – “I just want to hear something I haven’t heard before.”

And talking of heroes of radio, radio is alive and kicking – I have it on good authority from Graham, our Chief Creative Officer, who is tuned in to a selection of US jazz stations. Rui, in Amsterdam decided to listen to some and found an “ugly site” that streams from most of the radio stations in diverse countries. Just click on the dodgy looking flags at the top to choose your country and away you go (Thanks to Marguerite for forwarding this!). Here’s what’s happening in Portugal.

We’ll be back soon, but we hear that things could turn nasty. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising:

Time to get out of your niche – before you run out of time.

Main image by mingusmutter, found on Flickr.


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