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What we’re listening to this week #21

If this is your first visit to WWLTTW then you are in for a musical treat. Our weekly Studio playlist is curated by Andy, and this week we have a theme. Here’s Andy with the music…


Furniture. This time around we’ve gone a bit IKEA. But without the Swedishness. Or the short pencils.

We go to all kinds of places to get inspiration, and this time I’d like to thank Barbara Streisand for inspiring the people at Barber Streisand (we like to keep it all musically joined up), hairstylists to the stars. Tom, the best dressed coiffeur ever, is keen to be a guest contributor on WWLTTW, but in the meantime we got talking about what might spark a good theme and this is the result.

This list is entirely in honour of the unique, inspirational and magnificent pullout spectacles shelf in a rare, custom-made piece of furniture at the salon. No more losing your glasses among the hairdressing paraphernalia. No more scrabbling about to find them to check the results of the past twenty minutes of titivating. (Sealed bids for this wonderful and innovative cabinet, please).


First piece out of the delivery van? A bed, of course. Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning:

Watch where you’re sitting in our imaginary apartment, these guys don’t play fair. Arctic Monkeys – Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair:

Thirsty work, rearranging the furniture, but be careful not to drink too much or you might fall off your barstool. Dwight Yoakam – It Won’t Hurt:

We need a few more chairs. If no one visits, at least we’ll have something to talk to. Neil Diamond – I Am I Said:

As designers we like to know that there are lots of different styles available. Here’s a bit of Americana that might fit nicely in the corner by the window. Cabinet – Wine And Shine:

Please don’t do that on the furniture, we’ll never get the stains out. The Kooks – Sofa Song:

Instead of Adele’s ‘Turning Tables’ we thought that we’d go for something with more facets, like the Periodic Table. Tom Lehrer – The Elements:

Never forget just how useful furniture is, but sometimes you just wish people would take their dirty habits elsewhere. Ryan Adams – Bartering Lines:

Don’t forget the soft furnishings, too. What colours shall we go for? Cream – White Room:

We know that you understand all of this, we don’t need to tell you how clever you are. Having said that, your choice of decor is not always my cup of tea. Furniture – Brilliant Mind:

These old chairs? We’ve had them covered in some truly lush and soothing material. Andrew Bird – Armchairs:

Empty the ashtrays, throw the pizza boxes and beer cans away, and let’s chill out: Edwyn Collins – Coffee Table Song:

We could also have had Chas And Dave’s ‘The Sideboard Song’ but we had to draw a line somewhere.

If an inanimate object can inspire such a diverse collection, just think what you could do. Go on, don’t just sit there like part of the furniture, send us some suggestions.


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