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What we’re listening to this week #23

After last week’s Halloween Special we’re back to business as usual with our WWLTTW playlist. Here’s Andy to share the latest Studio stereo favourites…


OMG, you’re soooo last week!

We’re so busy finding stuff that it’s easy to get a bit behind. We tend to get a bit of a backlog, like when you’ve been away for a while and the post piles up under the letterbox. This means that a lot of the sexy, bright, shiny new things are totally old hat by the time we include them in our List. However, “Never Say Die” is one of our big inspirational mottos and we have a duty to soldier on regardless because we’ve waded out so far into the stream of music that it’s far too late for us to get back to the shore.


Never mind the small talk, let’s get back into interior decoration. “What colour are you thinking of painting that wall, Andy?” The Groundhogs – Cherry Red:

It’s so sad that summer has gone (a subject we have flogged to death in previous lists) because this was a sure-fire summer winner and now it will just be swept up in the Autumn leaves. Can you give it the home it deserves? Martin Courtney – Northern Highway:

Here’s something that might help put summer to bed; “This is music that’s delivered with an uplifting sense of youthful wild abandon and imbued throughout with blissful surges of musical serotonin but with clear undercurrents of a wistful sense of melancholy too. Occasionally dark clouds obscure their sonic sunshine and there’s a nagging sense that no summer lasts forever.”* Yup, that did the trick, summer’s dead. Kid Wave – I’m Trying To Break Your Heart:

Kid Wave try to bring the Nineties back to us in their DeLorean but never quite make it to 88 miles per hour. The masters of the soundtrack for long, long, trans-continental car journeys and endless panoramic vistas are also back, but sounding a little less lost in the wilderness. Are you ready for this? Mercury Rev – Are You Ready?:

No real reason for including this track, except that it’s from the 90’s and is stuck in our heads and we’re desperate to use it as a film soundtrack. Primal Scream – Movin on Up:

Trip-Hop doesn’t get much representation in the List. Maybe this “a murky, pulsating, glitchy track”** will make up for that little oversight. BOOTS – Bombs Away:

If we said “A Chilean composer and recording artist based in NY, doing experimental things”, you’d probably run a mile, screaming fruity epithets. Try it, you might be surprised. No seriously, come back. Nicolas Jaar – Fight (Nymphs IV):

Julien Baker has a beeeyoootiful track called ‘Brittle Boned’ out right now which you need to hear. But here she is performing something in a deserted car park instead. Julien Baker – Something:

(Keep your eyes and ears open for The 1975 – Love Me because it’s great but only previews were available at time of going to print.)

Join us again at the List – where summer lasts forever whether you want it to or not. Endless.

*Rough Trade

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