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What we’re listening to this week #25

After last week’s special guest playlist, our WWLTTW curator Andy is back to share the latest sounds from the Design Bridge Studio. Are you ready for this week’s musical journey?


You know by now that we like to transport you. And it looks like, in our small, humble way, we’re making the world a little better for people, one list at a time:

From Paul, on a train rolling into Euston:
“Listen(ing) to playlist 21 now (to) get me into the work place…
consumed by the time I was at my desk.
You did a great job on them. WELL DONE that man xxx”

And from Twitter:

Talking of being transported – something awakens in a galaxy far, far away. We’re wondering if it will inspire a raft of pop songs this time round. Real Thing – Can You Feel The Force?:

Don’t like Science Fiction? Change the channel to that new nature documentary. You know, that one about wolves? TĀLĀ & Banks – Wolfpack:

Jim takes us to a parallel universe with the first of a series of atmospheric clips (The List is not just about music, people, but the sounds of the places around us). Imagine the scene; Peckham, daytime. Exotic music drifts to the bar across the street where our hero consoles himself with an Old Fashioned and wonders what light his old friend Wang can shine on the disappearance of the Girl.

And yet another world. This one’s some sort of dystopia, almost silent because all of the music has evaporated (a concept from the brilliant and mostly batty mind of the great Bill Drummond and The17). A graffiti campaign that becomes a whole work of art in its own right to support the manifesto and challenge the reinvention of music.

Score Imagine

The main image at the top here is by John Hirst from this campaign. See more at

Of course, if you get rid of all the sound all you’ve got left is pictures (we know, this kind of joined up thinking shows that we don’t just throw the List together willy nilly. Remarkable, really). Left With Pictures – My Zero:

Or, maybe with no music we will start making our own? Sharan points us in the direction of “some ‘music’ that I thought might be interesting –it’s not really music, more like spoken-word poetry by Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon fame. I think Cotton Cloud is my favourite”:

It was all going so well. Then Mandy had a sinister and murderous request for the List. But, it’s great to have Eels make an appearance at last, even as the backing track to a dark and menacing world. Eels – Fresh Blood (from The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst):

Well, now that we’ve landed in that sinister space, let’s stay in the Deep South for a while. Not the ‘True Detective’ genre, but reportage of terrible times. Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit:

We need some light brought into the gloom and Bertille shares this lush bit of travelogue from New Orleans. Sasha sounds like she’s got the Blind Boys of Alabama in her shack by the bayou, maybe cooking them up some Jambalaya, all nodding their agreement about having the Blues. Sasha – Mississippi Blues:

Let’s keep that positivity with more brightness and colour as NOVELLA display their new range of bath oils and salts. NOVELLA – Sentences:

And even brighter still. Wilfred doesn’t say why we need to listen to this but it has magical properties that mean that we’re not in control of our limbs while it’s playing. Thanks Wilfrid. Chancha Via Circuito – Guajaca (Frikstailers Remix):

Iona also likes what we’re doing here but is wondering if we’re ignoring her; “…still no WENU WENU WHY YOU DENY ME???”. Calm down, Iona. Maybe a little dance will help?. Omar Souleyman x Four Tet – Wenu Wenu:

Right, we got to the end of this week’s list. What was the question again? Savages – The Answer:

Keep the testimonials coming.

Fill the world with music.

Stay transported.

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