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What we’re listening to this week #26

This week’s WWLTTW playlist is all about soundscapes. Here’s Andy to take you on a journey of sound…


“A sound has no legs to stand on” – John Cage, so it’s time to get legless with sound again. This week weaves a full and rich soundscape, to expand our repertoire into new sonic memories. Beat that.

The word “soundscape” was coined by composer R. Murray Schafer to identify sounds that “describe a place, a sonic identity, a sonic memory, but always a sound that is pertinent to a place”

Let’s ease into this gently, because one person’s sonic memory is another person’s irritation.

This guy is in no way irritating, he’s just Norwegian. Bror Forsgren – In A Time When God Was One:

If machines could sing, would they audition for X-Factor? Martin Backes – What do machines sing of?:

If a camera could sing, would it sing with pictures? Listen to Nikon Symphony.

Please take some time to explore Sound Is Art, full of lovely experimental soundscapes.

Let’s hang out and dance in the street in homage to a friend. You did bring a camera, right? Blood Orange – Sandra’s Smile:

Those guys looked pretty hip. What are you wearing this week? You know that you’ve got to look just right if you want to fit in, don’t you? Check out the Underground fashion in Britain, 1960-1990 illustrations on The Guardian.

And this is Patrik, with a suggestion for how to carry off the perfect post-punk look. Patrik Fitzgerald – Safety-Pin Stuck In My Heart:

Obviously, a safety pin can be dangerous and you can take such fads and being told how to behave too far. That’s why Jenny is here to give you some helpful life hacks presented in a sort of cross between performance art, sound art and poetry set to music. Jenny Hval – Take Care of Yourself:

Here’s something on the treatment of sound as visuals – in this Lexus sponsored piece from The Guardian: “I always imagined that synaesthesia would be quite kaleidoscopic…but Ash sees sound…to form a graphical sound sculpture.” Can you dig it?:

Hopefully, music makes you tingle. If it does, you might like to try the latest craze – ASMR: “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli”.

Like the sound of that? Some people say that it’s therapeutic, some say it’s a bunch of people whispering into microphones and rustling packaging. Might be great as performance art, as long as you’re not sitting next to them in the cinema:

Perhaps you prefer to express yourself through movement and dance? Here’s a few moves to try out next time you’re with your friends outside the Deli at 57 Market Street (just testing that you were watching all the videos). Pumarosa – Priestess:

Bridget Christie, also in the Guardian, rails against being “made to listen to other people’s music choices, against my will”.  We sympathise, but will be forcing you to listen to the List next week, despite what we say about diversity of choice.

Got some leaves? Want to rub them on a record player? No need because Italian sound-designer Diego Stocco has already done it. Diego Stocco – Duet for Leaves & Turntable:

Record your own soundscapes and send them into WWLTTW. Go on, that packet of pretzels, or maybe the wrapper from a ready meal or your favourite chocolate bar.


Anyone can do it.

Prefer to listen on Spotify? We’ve put the available soundscapes into a playlist just for you:

Sources this week: The British Library, wikipedia,,, Tate, ‘An Introduction To Sound Art’ by Robert Worby


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