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What we’re listening to this week #27

December is here. Feeling a little under the weather? Hiding under your duvet? Here’s our playlist curator, Andy, to provide you with some music to make you feel better…


And we’re feeling very sick and ill today. Well, mustn’t grumble, but we are surrounded by snifflers, sneezers, coughers and weezers as the Season of Cold descends on us.

To help fend off the illnesses, we’ve put together some spells and incantations. Will they prevent contagion? Unlikely, but you can cough and splutter along to them from under your duvets.

Got a bit of a temperature? That might be a touch of flu. Johnny Rivers – Rockin’ Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu:

What are your symptoms? Why are you lying down? Elvis Costello – I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down:

No wonder you’ve got a temperature – you’ve got all of the guys from the band standing around offering their opinions and all talking at once. Bruce Springsteen – The Fever:

You’ve been ill for what seems like weeks. How does that make you feel? The Damned ~ Sick Of Being Sick:

You’re not looking good. Maybe it’s time to call in the medical professionals? We actually don’t think you’re ill at all, it’s just that your hair’s too long and your trousers are too tight. No, you FO. UFO – Doctor Doctor:

Don’t be shy, tell the nice man which bit of you is hurting the most. The Jackson Five – Doctor My Eyes:

If you need a great example of what clean living can do for you, look no further than these fine upstanding chaps. Dr Feelgood – Down At the Doctors:

No pill’s going to cure your ills? Have you thought about trying some alternative medicine? Harry Nilsson – Put The Lime In The Coconut:

Perhaps the Nurse will be a bit more sympathetic? Do make sure that you take the non-drowsy version. Gregory Isaacs – Night Nurse:

So, what did the Nurse say? Saint Etienne – You’re In A Bad Way:

We don’t want to feed your hypochondria but we had a rabbit once. It looked a bit like you do now. It didn’t end well. Radiohead – Myxomatosis:

It’s just so typical of you, Ray, you just won’t accept good advice. Ray Charles – I Don’t Need No Doctor:

Okay, we get it, you don’t want us to call a doctor, but you’re going to have to dig deep to shake this off. Alabama 3 – Too sick to pray:

Is there anybody in there? Those very nice Davids from next door have popped round to cheer you up. Just a little pin prick? David Gilmour & David Bowie – Comfortably Numb:

Hmmm, they were a bit dubious. What was that pink stuff in that syringe? Bad Medicine – Lars Erik Fjosne:

All this worrying about you has left us feeling a little under the weather. Three Dog Night – Feeling Alright:

If it’s not your diet, it must be your lifestyle choices. Sick and tired of taking drugs and staying up late? For heaven’s sake, stop hanging out with those weird guys. Ian Dury And The Blockheads – I Want To Be Straight:

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, you’re not the only one that wants to get better. Ramones – I Wanna Be Well:

Let’s finish as we started. Doctor, can we save the patient? The Smiths – What Difference Does it Make:

Stay well. Plenty of fluids. Wrap up warm. Try to sleep.

Listen to more music.

Next patient, please.

Want to listen to (most of these) on Spotify instead? Here’s our playlist:


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