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What we’re listening to this week #35

Want to perk up your ears with some new musical discoveries? This is ‘What we’re listening to this week’, curated and narrated by our very own Andy. The theme for this week’s List is “Found objects and chance discoveries.”


We’d like to think that the following tunes will have the same impact on the world as vulcanized rubber, teflon, nylon, penicillin, Super Glue, the microwave oven, Perkin’s mauve*, saccharin and popsicles.

We can only hope.

Think of them as shiny pennies found in the gutter, or a beautiful piece of polished glass on the beach, or the last biscuit in the barrel. Chance brought them to us through the wonders of modern technology (and social media).

See them shine. Take a chance on them.

Jim (a famous discoverer) shows us how it’s done. He says: “I discovered a wicked playlist on Apple Music called Electric Piano Resurgence. It’s got a little bit of everything – from 70’s tribute sounds to songs that flirt with a more electronic tone – though nothing feels out of place and all are super smooth. The playlist has some personal staples of mine like War on Drugs and Future Islands but I’ve also been introduced to (what) have become regular listens as I try to hold on to some NW (North Western) vibes that I got over the holidays. Enjoy em!”

Thanks Jim and because they are “super smooth” we’ve decided to include them here rather than under a separate List with the theme of ‘Claustrophobia’. Strand of Oaks – Shut In:

Boxed In – Mystery:

The next few are little gems that jumped right out of Twitter.

This is a great tune and a brilliant, if a bit uncomfortable, video that deserves to be a feature length movie. Night Beats – No Cops:

We have never hidden the magical appeal that Japanese music has for us, and this might just be the most perfect mix of everything that is right – and wrong – with it. BABYMETAL – ギミチョコ!!- Gimme Chocolate!!:

We need to follow that with an antidote to super sweetness. Regular posters of original and cover songs, these guys featured in our very first List on the DB blog (tour dates available). Narrow Plains – I Should’ve Known:

Great name. That’s a good enough reason to feature them here. Robots With Rayguns – Hush:

On social media, other people can make a band sound like they are the best thing since sliced bread – and one can get a little jaded. This, however, was not a disappointment. Field Music – Disappointed:

This one appeals because we’re in England and we need to talk about the weather. So put an extra sweater on. Smoke Fairies – Wild Winter:

And on the subject of Englishness – don’t forget the most important meal of the day. This couldn’t be further from J-Pop/Rock of Babymetal despite the name. Japanese Breakfast – In Heaven:

And dear, cuddly, sweet Lemmy. How we miss his wit and charm (and he still owes us a pint). This original version of his theme tune has a fiddle solo. Hawkwind – Motorhead:

Imagine his other meisterwerk in the hands of, well, Hayseed Dixie – Ace of Spades:

Wistful beauty (also gigging soon). The Magnetic North – Bay of Skaill:

Enough of the sensitive and majestic. Let’s have some proper old-school R’n’R (imported from Canada). Monster Truck – Don’t Tell Me How To Live:

She’s not English, but she speaks our language. Isn’t this weather nice? (also gigging in Europe and the USA soon). Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle:

We need to leave social media now and get back to the real world.

Well, maybe just a few more minutes…

Check out this week’s List on Spotify:


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