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What we’re listening to this week #36

This week we’ve been listening to music that makes us feel something. Here’s Andy, our WWLTTW curator, with this week’s playlist. Listen along with us, and feel free to email us your suggestions for future lists.


“Music is the shorthand of emotion.”

“We know that music has the power to change our mood on demand, to dig up a long forgotten memory, to bring us back to a place and time, and to propel us forward. Everyone has their own unique music taste, but one thing is the same for all: music makes us feel something, instantaneously.”

We couldn’t have expressed it better ourselves. Thanks to The Gist team at Design Bridge for bringing this snippet from Brandspeak to our attention. Read more here: Finding Brand Love in a Swipe Left World.

Everyone’s seen this by now – it’s an internet sensation – but, just to prove that we can embrace popular culture, here are some people who are going to get themselves thrown off the plane if they don’t settle down. OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out (see the official version on Facebook, all other versions have been taken down at time of publishing).

Cats and music? Yes, you read that right; we are featuring the best of the best this week. “Musician composes music to soothe cats.” You’re either a cat or a dog person (but dogs have that annoying habit of singing along and spoiling things). Read all about it here.

The weather’s not too good so let’s stay in today and think up some new games. Why don’t you pop down to the shop and get in a whole load of milk bottles – we can make them into a xylophone. Or is that just too energetic for you? Forget it, we can just loaf around instead. Porches – Be Apart:

The sun must have been shining through the trees in Sheffield, Massachusetts because Spring is definitely here with this track (yay!). Twin Peaks – Walk To The One You Love:

This is the latest from a band played who round the corner from our London Studio in November last year. The Guardian describes them like this; “Their stock in trade is a rough-hewn take on 70’s rock – there are what must contractually be referred to as “duelling guitars” in the style of Thin Lizzy, bursts of slightly funky southern rock à la Lynyrd Skynyrd, bits of choppy new-wave guitar and a whole lot of appealingly clunky pop heaviness that brings to mind nothing so much as an extremely low-budget Kiss.” Shut up and take our money. SHEER MAG – Can’t Stop Fighting:

Want more about music and science? The brilliant Oliver Burkeman shows us that music can benefit us all – not just those with cats – through ‘self-transcendence’. Want to be happy? Join a choir.

And The Guardian continues the theme of the benefits of group singing by telling us all about other cool places to work. How do they have the time to surf the internet?

You may remember a while back that we featured two young girls making a truly fantastic and disturbing racket live. Well now they’re here, all polished and produced. Still very eerie and a tad uncomfortable, in a Stanley Kubrick sort of way. Enjoy, but hide anything sharp. Let’s Eat Grandma – Deep Six Textbook:

Read all about them on NME.

Now this has become the soundtrack to a fiery debate about Challenger Brands. Thanks to Natalie at DB Amsterdam for suggesting Public Enemy – Fight The Power:

There are no words. The Falling Birds – Sweet Things That Kill:

And if that just wasn’t enough, try this.

The world’s gone all Disco. Remember Kiss? Blondie? Here we go again. Or it could be some convoluted reference to the new Dad’s Army movie. “Put that light out!” Primal Scream, Sky Ferreira – Where The Light Gets In:

And more unseasonal brightness from Portland, Oregon. Radiation City – Foreign Bodies:

Hope that you all felt something.

Something instantaneous.

WWLTTW is also on Spotify, don’t you know…


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