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What we’re listening to this week #5

The ‘What We’re Listening To This Week’ (WWLTTW) list is curated each week by Andy Kirk with suggestions from across the Design Bridge studios. In Andy’s words:

“We all have a soundtrack to our lives, so the list recommends new things that you might not have heard before, along with older music from all genres that might make you rethink what the score should be. It’s led by music but heavily influenced by what could be the soundtrack to the brands we work on (actual or imagined) and evocative sound effects. Sonic branding in its broadest sense. What will you hear this week?”

As it’s Music Day on Sunday, we thought we’d share WWLTTW with our blog readers. Welcome to list #5 from Andy…

And now, another mix of the ridiculous and the sublime. We can gauge how much DB enjoys it because we’ve been inundated with a least two suggestions. It seems that we simply weren’t noisy enough last week, so we have to shout a bit louder this time. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Del and friends have been listening to a “Now that’s what you call noise!” compilation album: “Now playing in Production: At The Drive In – One Armed Scissor”:

What’s that you say? Can’t hear us over the noise? Then, we’d better Shout – a little bit softer now. Shout – a little bit louder now. Shout. OK, you know the rest: The Isley Brothers – Shout:

Do you feel alright? (We don’t want to hear any complaints about it not being Lulu’s version).

Nadine is ever hopeful about the weather in London; “If the sun is still shining; Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen. Great Music video from the nineties, the lyrics are taken from a famous essay written in 1997 by Mary Schmich, a columnist with the Chicago Tribune, which give some amazing advice for life.”:

Of course if the weather does improve, you might want to listen to more Isley Brothers. Summer Breeze, maybe?

We’re seeing musical direction coming through brand guidelines. Here’s one from a well-known tea brand’s songbook. It’s not the Funky Chicken, but it is a great proto-disco hit from 1974 – Betty Wright – Shoorah! Shoorah!:

“I’m here to tell ya you ain’t got me yet”. Who knows, maybe more brand hits soon so that you can play “Guess The Brand”.

We’re not sure that “mellifluous, country-soul ballads” truly describe Natalie Prass’ work. Here’s Bird of Prey; a deceptively innocent and gaudy video, near-irritatingly high vocals that burn into your head. We know what you’ll be humming all week long (a little bit louder now):

If you were called Bridie Monds-Watson you might want to get yourself an alter-ego. This is SOAK – Sea Creatures, from “a vivid portrait of teenage deep-thinking: intricate, ambiguous psychodramas chewed over in her distinctive Derry accent, a bit like a young Paul Brady if he were singing Joni Mitchell or reading aloud the diary of Anne Frank*”.  Float away on all of those words. Float away on a summer evening. Or skateboard away, if you prefer.

If that’s sent you back to sleep, we probably need to warm things up again.

Lambchop members come over all Trent Reznor on a daylight Berghain bender with this murky techno thumper*”. HeCTA – Till Someone Gets Hurt:

“Beatsmith Nate Connelly harbours something of a double life when it comes to producing music. After graduating from Leeds College of Music in 2003, Connelly embraced the world of film scoring, yet he has a penchant for the house and drum’n’bass sounds of rave. Finally on the chattering, cut-and-paste thump of Fire 7842, he fuses his two side’s together to blazing effect.**” Nate Connelly – 7842 Fire:

Oh, to be a beatsmith.

It’s twenty years since the release of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. Sadly, the album has become one of the most uncool, “a punchline for jokes about women making music”, but in the era of The Spice Girls hers was a rare voice. “There was almost certainly a time where I wouldn’t admit to having it in my record collection. But…to say someone is an angry woman as a critique of music is kind of ridiculous. What does that even mean? Why can’t you be angry? Why does it matter if you are a woman?.*” Quote from Aleksandra Denton, aged 23, who performs as Shura (more from her in future lists).

You’re a Germ – Wolf Alice; “The London 90’s alt-rock gusto on this short and sweet burst of shouty, grungy guitar-pop*”:

Not sure what they’ve got to laugh about, but we’ll have a pint of whatever they’re having.

Marlene, always generous, wants to dedicate the next one to Del and friends; “see what the boys in the back room are having…” – Marlene Dietrich – The Boys in the Back Room (from “Destry Rides Again”):

More filmic links with this suggestion from Laura; “Everyone has gone a bit mental about the new Jurassic World film, £500M opening weekend etc etc. Velociraptors aren’t really my thing (as I’m not 10 years old) but this EXTREMELY slowed down version of the Jurassic Park theme tune (John Williams) is pretty cool.” “…slowed down 1000 percent. Hear its majestic beauty.”:

And, because dinosaurs are loud and just in case you thought we were in danger of turning down the volume too far, here are some closing thoughts from sensitive Swedes Ric Rebel Jennings, D. Vacuum and Fred Tank: The Accidents – Afterburner:

(Shout) a little bit louder now (Shout) a little bit louder now (Shout) a little bit louder now (ooo) (Shout) a little bit louder now (Shout).

And you’re back in the room.

*The Guardian

**Q Magazine


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