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What we’re listening to this week #8

WWLTTW is the unofficial soundtrack to life at Design Bridge. Each week, our resident playlist curator Andy K puts together the songs and sounds from our 4 Studios. Welcome to week 8.


We want Summer. No two ways about it.

Tash (in London) has come to the Summer rescue with the man who has such a positive vibe: “Definitely a summer tune, good video too!” Not Letting Go – Tinie Tempah ft Jess Glynne: 

“Quite possibly my favourite song of the year so far and again, another great video. CAUTION: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!” Tash, it’s official; We Have Summer: XYconstant  Silverlined:

It is summer elsewhere, too. Places like the central Niger city of Agadez in the Sahara desert. This is the soundtrack to an independent film; Rain the Colour of Blue With a Little Red in It, based on the Prince movie Purple Rain. “Revel in the liquid guitar playing, carried rattling along on hammering railroad beats”.* Mdou Moctar  Adounia from the Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai OST.

For those of you in the UK, you may have seen the BBC’c recent dramatisation of Stonemouth by Iain Banks. This is the director, Charles Martin, talking through the building of the soundtrack. Listen to a full version of the theme song below; Cam Penner  House of Liars:

With the Japanese festival Hyper Japan in London recently, we should keep a Power Pop thread going. Try Eir Aoi, famous for her songs being used in anime. This one’s from Kill la Kill; Eir Aoi – Sirius:

More manufactured J-pop and rock soon but, in the meantime, here are four guys who tried to rebel against their manufactured, zany boy band image and failed. Why don’t you cut your hair? The Monkees  Alternate Title:

Dig that crazy beat? Do we have the tune for you? Billed as a “swinging mademoiselle” and “obscure French lolita freakbeat psych mod 68”, this may be one for the collectors only: Zoé – Zoé

Just one more dose of factory power pop and we can move on. You’ll be sorry to hear that they haven’t broken up and are just on a “hiatus”, so there could be a comeback any moment: Hey Monday  Homecoming:

Let’s now chill with Oscar Peterson, the brilliant jazz pianist famous for humming loudly over the top of the track. This recording isn’t hi-fi enough to pick up on that, but imagine the person next to you making weird deep humming noises while you’re trying to listen. Just like every day, right? Oscar Peterson  Night & Day:

Hold the front page! Laura reminds us that next week marks the 20th anniversary (oh my god….) of the film Clueless; “With that in mind everyone should listen to the whole EXCELLENT soundtrack!”

“Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?”

“No. Why, does it sound like I do?”

“Do you like Billie Holiday?”

“I love him.”

Too many brilliant quotes and tracks to choose from. Try Radiohead  Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic Version):

Jane requested some Goldfish in this week’s WWLTTW and we’re happy to oblige. What have these summer-sounding Ibiza-style stalwarts go to do with Oscar Peterson? Dom and Dave, ostensibly beach bums, both studied Jazz at the University of Cape Town. So maybe they hum a bit, too: Goldfish  Three Second Memory:

Need to chill again? You might not get to catch your breath with this gem, you better run: Raury – Devil’s Whisper:

Stop running, summer’s here. Other seasons are also available.

We’re taking bookings for WWLTTW #10 now. Stay tuned, stay gold.


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