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Pure unapologetic luxury

Blended by the world’s eminent coffee masters, L’OR had the potential to be premium, but was languishing on the shelf in plastic capsules. And in a world ruled by one dominant capsule player, it was time for disruption. What began as a capsule redesign became a powerful catalyst for brand unity, tripling business in just two years, achieving a 99% increase in net sales in the first year after launch, and winning a XXXX DBA Design Effectiveness Award…

Little known outside of France, L’OR was ready to become a global brand. Understanding that a new target market was looking for ways to serve café-quality coffee in their own home, L’OR needed to be synonymous with accessible luxury. A premium experience to rival Nespresso, outside of sparsely-located boutiques. With new ranges that would also tap into the rising trend of greater consumer understanding of, and appreciation for, different coffee flavours, notes and profiles, our new design had to work hard to meet consumer expectations.

The L’OR capsules were reimagined as little gems, revealed through an elegant window on pack, in colours fit for royalty. Transformed into faceted, graphic-printed aluminium, they now had the look and feel of premium capsules – with coffee quality and taste to match.

The new design was built around simple on-pack architecture that cuts through on-shelf and allows consumers to easily navigate the range. Bold, block colours represent the base range variants, whilst foiling and intricate patterns are used on the box to indicate the more complex flavour profiles in the premium collection.

Beyond the capsule design, we also repositioned the L’OR brand to embody pure, unapologetic pleasure. Exploring new ways to use their existing brand elements, we created a new world of L’OR, with a new gold standard. This was extended to the complete L’OR portfolio, and inspired a network of agencies to bring the new L’OR vision to life.

This redesign of L’OR has tripled Jacobs Douwe Egberts’ (JDE) business in just two years. The capsules saw a 99% increase in net sales against targets in the first year after launch, and a 50% increase in the second. The new capsules significantly increased L’OR’s market share in Nespresso Compatible Capsules (NCC), disrupting a category once ruled only by Nespresso.

By 2017, the brand had also registered 28 new market launches across 4 continents – the fastest geographic expansion in JDE’s history. So it’s no wonder that our work together has resulted in a XXXX DBA Design Effectiveness Award.

L’OR now sits proudly in its rightful place on the supermarket shelf, offering coffee lovers the convenience and experience of a premium capsule. It’s elegant to the touch, always posing the question: why pursue anything less than gold?