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Walgreens (WIP)

At the heart of every community

The American healthcare system is enormous, fragmented and impersonal. With a long and proud history of being at the heart of every community in North America, human kindness is inherent to the Walgreens brand. Founder Charles Walgreen gave generously to local communities, believing that people should feel at home in his stores. But over the years the Walgreens brand had lost much of its personality, its authenticity diluted.

Our new visual and verbal identity puts the heart back into the brand, with the unique Walgreens signature now seamlessly connecting the brand to the customer experience across all touchpoints, symbolizing Walgreens’ constant and reassuring presence in people’s lives.

A gregarious shorthand ‘W’ becomes a bold, instantly recognisable standalone brand icon, and the quintessentially American red, white and blue color palette complements relatable photography and impactful illustrations and iconography to further transform Walgreens from impersonal pharmacy to neighbourhood citizen.

We’ve also introduced a charismatic, welcoming and helpful new tone of voice that can be used consistently across all communications, complementing our new typography with its friendly yet not overly playful feel, ensuring flexibility to communicate more seriously when needed.

Embodying the brand’s spirit and commitment to do right by all, our new identity system reflects the Walgreens mission to improve health and well-being across the country in a human way, just as Charles would have wanted.