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Welcome to the 18th ‘What We’re Listening To This Week’ playlist, put together by Andy K. If you’re looking for some musical inspiration, listen along to this week’s Studio soundtrack with us.


#18 with a bullet. We’ve had some growing pains but we’ve made it to adulthood. Hoorah. Here’s a brief guide to growing up. Pete Wingfield – Eighteen With a Bullet:

Have you got what it takes? This man thinks he’s got the answer. Kurt Vile – Life Like This:

Country. Soul. How does that even work? Surely that’s an equation that would create a black hole and signal the end of the world. Don’t panic, here’s proof that not everything is as bad as you first think. Although, of course, it wouldn’t be proper Country Soul unless something bad was about to happen. This is The Delines – Colfax Ave:

As part of our ongoing ‘Music & Geography Initiative’, here is a truly inspirational piece from Wikipedia about Colfax Avenue. It doesn’t get much more riveting than that. You’re welcome.

Let’s lighten the tone now with a comic song stuffed full of facts and advice, suggested by Eduardo. If you’ve ever tried to convince a friend to eat mushy peas, pie and mash, fig rolls or other exotic culinary delights, then you’ll get where this is coming from. Back to Eduardo; “Firstly, congrats for a great music blog! Just want to suggest this jam…good music, even better music video…a good intro for people wanting to travel to Asia and try out different sorts of food. Some will be intrigued and some will definitely get sick”. Nicely put. And we just had to feature a song with “We got different social norms than you”. Please take it with a big pinch of salt. Fung Brothers – Asians Eat Weird Things ft. AJ Rafael:

Imagine you were wandering a remote part of the Carpathians and discovered a bar filled with vampires rehearsing their set for entertaining on a Caribbean cruise. They turn out to be a bunch of blokes from Wakefield (who are no longer with us). Anyway, this is what that nightmare encounter might sound like. (Our advice? Don’t wander the Carpathians alone). The Blueskins – Love Boat:

More eerie, retro encounters in the dark. The Cure – A Forest:

Looking for new stuff with an Eighties tinge? (A little bit Killing Joke, a little bit Jesus & Mary Chain?). This is just the thing and it’s fully endorsed by The Strokes frontman, Julian Casablancas. They’re from South London too, if that helps. Inheaven – Bitter Town:

We were expecting this next track to be jam-packed with clichés, but we should have known better when we heard the robot doing the backing vocals. And then it bursts to life with a great hook. Soft Lit – Ocean King:

Stay cool. Everything is gonna be fine, we promise. Here is Mel Torme – I’m Comin’ Home:

How to end the landmark step from adolescence to adulthood? Probably with some sound advice and a salutary warning about the dangers of guns, knives, drugs, anti-social behaviour and the results of “running, and shooting, looting and tooting”. How to describe this final song? A Folk-Reggae equivalent to “Don’t run with scissors”. John Martyn – Johnny Too Bad:

It’ll end in tears. Actually, no it won’t, because there’s always WWLTTW #19 to look forward to next week. Think positively, there’ll be more life hacks and inspirational quotes next time round.

Main image by Dwayne Madden, found on Flickr.


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